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eral breakthroughs, and sell well in markets like Singapore and Chile.The tractors' performance could rival advanced models▓ made by European and US companies, accordin▓g to Jin.In a few days' time, Beiben plans to de▓liver another type of tractors designed for c▓omplex conditions to Sin

gapore clients. The vehicles meet Euro 6 emission limits, the highest emissions standard imposed by the European Union, wit▓h the aim of improving air quality.Liu Zhiyua▓n, secretary general of the Beijing-based Transcontinen▓tal R

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esearch Institute, said Chinese firms seeking overseas ▓expansion in economies involved in the Belt and Road In▓itiative need to unite to build a risk-preventio▓n system.An effective way for

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Chinese ▓companies to prevent potential risks and lower operational costs is to seek enhanced co▓operation with local partners,

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